Payroll is a huge responsibility

There is a lot that goes into payroll.  You will need to set aside a considerable amount of time to get it done. We have the skills needed to handle any size payroll.  The job of a payroll clerk requires someone who can pay close attention to detail and is very organised.  On Task Bookkeeping offers experienced, detail focused people to get the job done for you.  

Adding up Time Sheets

Paying Taxes

Track any Payroll Expenses

Prepare Tax Forms and Filings

Dealing with wages and salaries is a lot more than simply keying in numbers.  You need to have people skills and a good grasp with customer service.

Managing payroll can include responsibilities such as phoning employees who forget to put in their time sheets, or those showing discrepancies on their time sheets.  It is important that payroll is completed correctly as it is a very difficult process to recall the money from the employee once it has been paid into their bank account in error. 

When filing is due with IRD, we will ensure that they are filed on time.  When working with your accounts, we will make sure that your accounts are confidential and secure.  Our guarantee is to give you quality and secure service you can count on.  

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